I’m a former open-water professional swimmer. I was the Israeli 5k open water event champion for seven consecutive years, held the Israeli national record, and participated in the 2017 world championship. As a professional athlete, I know the sacrifice it takes to achieve greatness, and I understand pre-competition nerves and the impact that stress can have on your performance and mental health.
I specialize in sports psychology and counseling as well accompanying sports associations and individual athletes to enhance achievements.

I have a master’s degree in Social Psychology With a specialization in sports psychology, biofeedback therapy, and stress management
Don’t wait for a crisis! I believed that athletes and coaches should incorporate cognitive and mental health work into their training routine and not neglect it until an emergency arises.
Athletes’ well-being is fundamental to their success, and emotional support should be emphasized throughout the entire career to improve performance and satisfaction, as well as during life-changing events of any kind.