Biofeedback Therapist

Sport Psychology Expert

Social Psychologist



I specialize in sports psychology and counseling as well accompanying sports associations and individual athletes to enhance achievements.


The objective real-time feedback provided by the sensors allows us to understand physical processes in the athlete’s body that contribute to effective stress management and focus on problematic areas.

Lectures & Workshops

Whether you’re a team manager, parent, or athlete yourself, we all can benefit from behavioral and cognitive training. If you wish to support your team or their parents, I offer one-time tailored seminars focused on specific sports psychology and performance improvement tools.

Team Building​

I operate with the understanding that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts. The tailored program will aim to maximize each athlete’s individual abilities while focusing on creating a unified team that is able to reach high performance.


I mentor athletes as they compete and go through career-changing events. I collaborate with the athlete and their coaches, and together we create a psychological training program aimed at bringing the athlete to peak performance.​

Articles & Publications

 Ready to reach greater heights? Let’s achieve it, together.